Based on Your Zodiac Sign - What Kind of a Mother Are You?

Aries mother  

Aries women are fiercely independent and ambitious, and therefore instill the same qualities in their children. They are strict disciplinarians for their kids, but they can also be fun and adventurous parents at the same time. Aries mothers motivate their kids to be hardworking and goal oriented. They are not the conventional moms; they like their independence, and wouldn’t mind going for a cup of coffee with their friends while the kids stay at home. They have a strong temper, and hence may need to work on increasing their patience level with the kids. However, they will support their children to achieve their goals, no matter what and will encourage them to go against the current.

Taurus mother

    A taurus mother is completely dedicated to her family and her children are the most important thing in her life. She works tirelessly for the wellbeing of her children, and is no surprise that she expects her children to reciprocate. A Taurus mother is patient to an extent, but it is not a good idea to test her patience as she can go wild in fury if her children have faltered. She is understanding, but old fashioned. She encourages her kids to be honest and well mannered more than anything else. She is grounded and practical, and will encourage her kids to understand humility, value for money and importance of family.   

Gemini mother  

Geminis are zesty and full of life! Their fun loving attitude is infectious and therefore their kids are always happy when the gemini mom is around. They love playing with their kids, taking them out and exposing them to the world. However, they are not inclined to routine and the daily monotonous tasks that are a part of motherhood are difficult for them to adjust to. They would most probably hire a nanny for the routine tasks and only partake in the quality time with their kids. They are intelligent and curious and encourage their kids to ask questions. They would preferably gift their child a rubic cube or a puzzle on their birthday.They have ways to mentally stimulate their children and are very serious about their education.   

Cancer mother

  Cancer women turn out to be wonderful mothers as they have natural maternal instincts. They enjoy every aspect of motherhood and are deeply bonded with their children. They cherish every moment with their child. Cancerians are emotional beings, and they are most likely to capture every moment of their motherhood with a photograph or a poem. They love shopping for their kids and are likely to splurge just because the items they found were ‘so cute!’. They are hands on moms who look into every aspect of their children and as full time mothers take their job very seriously. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for them to let go of their children.   

Leo mother

Leo mothers are dominating and cursed with a flaring temper, and hence are very difficult to deal with. However, they consider their children as their prized possessions, and will always talk up their children in front of a crowd. Their children are a thing of pride for them. They are known to raise extremely confident kids who will try to excel at any task given to them, only to please the ‘Leo mum’. However, Leo mothers also have complete faith in their child’s abilities and will be very supportive of their career goals. They are big hearted and generous and hence will be ready to fulfill most of their kids' wishlist.   

Virgo mother

Virgo mothers are extremely practical, realistic and meticulous, which means that if you are the child of a Virgo mom you will have to abide by an invisible rule book, and too many deviations will not be appreciated at all. As mothers they would always train their kids to be disciplined and do things on time. They have high cleanliness standards, and want their houses spotless! They tend to be nagging sometimes but as a result, they invariably teach their kids good habits and prepare them for life challenges.  

Libra mother

A Libra mother is level headed and balanced, and will always share a good rapport with her child. She rarely overreacts and maintains composure most of the times. She makes an effort to understand her children’s point of view and explain things in a friendly and positive manner. She loves to shop for herself and her family and will always try to maintain a certain quality of life for her children. She is a just mother as she would rarely discriminate amongst her kids, but this is also her biggest drawback, as she may not be able to settle a sibling dispute fairly if it required to take a stand for any one of them.

Scorpio mother

A scorpio mother is extremely protective of her kids and will go to any measure for their wellbeing. She takes great care of her kids' health and education. Her love has no bounds, and emotional attachment to her kids is very high. She doesn’t trust anyone with her kids, and hence manages to be an overpowering force in their lives even when they grow up, get married, etc. Thus she needs to learn to give her kids the space they require for newer relationships. Teenage years are most difficult for the scorpio mother as she may turn sly and snoopy, and instead of befriending her children she may make them over cautious. However, when in her element, she commands a reverential respect from her kids. They aspire to be like her. Scorpion mothers are extremely sensitive and find it very difficult to cut the umbilical cord.   

Saggitarius mother  

A Saggitarius mother is vivacious, witty and a fun loving parent. She has no barriers or secrets. Her kids could be comfortable talking to her about anything under the sun, be it love, life or even sex. She is adventurous and free spiritied, and hence gives her children the freedom to explore as well. However, she struggles establishing discipline and routine in her child’s life. She is a great friend to her children, but that can sometimes undermine her role as her mother. Saggitarians are deeply spiritual beings, and will teach their kids the importance of charity and helping the underprivileged. Saggitarius mothers are multitaskers, and may find it difficult to purely focus on their children only.  


Capricorn mothers are extremely hard working and devoted to their family without any expectations. They are the support system of their family and children and never get bogged down by too much work. They are also very independent and you will find many of then managing their careers and family life with equal dedication. They are critical of themselves and are constantly trying to improve, even as a mother. However, they need to understand the importance of spending lighter moments with their children and making time to relax and let to of worries. They are one of the most responsible signs of the zodiac.    

Aquarius mother

Aquarians have an inherent thirst for knowledge and are known for their wisdom and intellect. They pass on this trait to their children too, and this mother-child duo may have conversations that a regular individual would be amazed to hear. They encourage their kids to read about the world, politics, science or any tipic under the sun. They are also very liberal minded and are able to befriend their kids when they grow up. However, due to their many varied interests they find it difficult to adjust to routine life and be a hands on mother. They are relatively detached from their loved ones and do not find it difficult to let go.   

Pisces mother

Pisces mothers are artistic beings living in a fanciful world with vivid imaginations. They can engross the child in a world of stories of kings and fairies created out of thin air. They tend to extend unwavering support to their kids in times of success or failure, and are rarely critical of them. They are known to pamper their children without bounds and may end up with spoilt brats. They encourage their kids to be spiritual and religious and make them curious about the deeper meaning of life. A Pisces mother always motivates her child to pursue their creativity, be it by learning a musical instrument, or painting or photography. They are extremely sensitive and will easily get hurt if their child does not reciprocate their affection. They are highly perceptive and intuitive and can understand unspoken words. Hence it can be very confusing to the child of the Pisces mother as to what made her upset.

This analysis is based on my personal observation and research. Hope you enjoyed reading.