Date Night

The phone rang and Anu answered. It was Rajesh. “Are the kids asleep,?” “Yes, both have slept. Even Jyoti has agreed to stay till 11pm.” “That’s fantastic! I’ll be leaving from office now. Will be there in about half an hour or so.” “OK, I’ll get ready now. " and she hung up.   

Anu went up to her room to decide what to wear. She selected a fitting red dress that she used to wear so often before. “Probably the last time I’ll be able to wear it”, she thought, feeling her third one snuggled cosily in her womb. It was only two months old, but eagerly awaited, most of all by the other two hearty munchkins. After seven years of marriage and two toddlers of three and five, Anu rarely got the chance to let her hair down. However, today she and Rajesh had been invited to a Valentines evening organized by a club whose member was a close friend. Though Anu was apprehensive about leaving the kids and going, Rajesh felt it was a good opportunity for them to spend some time together away from the kids.  

Anu briefed her house help about what to do in case the kids woke up or needed anything. She stepped out of her building and walked towards Rajesh who was waiting for her outside the car, wearing the crisp white shirt that she loved. “Wow, you look stunning. Is that you?” he flirted and she beamed. He opened the door and she sat in. Anu had stopped driving due to her pregnancy, but she missed it. She watched Rajesh drive as she put on music. She remembered how they both were so fond of music before, but now they rarely got to listen. “What do you want to listen?” she asked him. “Anything’s good,” he said.  

She watched as they passed malls and stores which were lit with valentine decorations, and she reminded him of the time before marriage when she would have to lie to her parents about going out in the night with Rajesh. “Yes, when I had to pretend that I didn’t exist. Nothing difficult about that!” to which Anu protested, " I would have thought of introducing you before if you didn’t have that silly long hair and baggy pants!” , and the college sweethearts continued to chat like it was yesterday. They almost reached the venue, when her house help called, " Didi, I’m so sorry, my husband just called and he wants me to come home urgently. My mother in law is unwell," " Oh, … It’s ok Jyoti. We will be there right away!" She told Rajesh and they quickly headed back home.   

They relieved Jyoti of her duties, and after changing, checked in on the children. Anu had been slightly nauseous after the long car ride, and she felt much better lying down next to Rajesh. “I had an inkling this wouldn’t work,” Anu said sheepishly. “It worked for me, honey. I listened to music, had an amazing conversation with you, and I’ll never forget how you looked tonight!” Rajesh regarded her with an intense gaze, and Anu blushed. They never made it to the party, but didn’t really regret it.