Girlfriends Are for Life

When we decide to settle down and get married, we are basically looking for a soulmate. Not just someone compatible. Not just someone to share our practical lives with, but also our emotions, our innermost desires, our secrets. And we expect our better halves to treat them with the same level of sanctity and regard that we give to them. We expect the world from them, to the level of the unreasonable, and mostly, feel disappointed if these expectations aren’t fulfilled.

If we are really, really fortunate, we may find the perfect soulmate in a life partner. But most of the times, spouses’ personalities are very different from each other, regardless of the presence of love. In that case is it correct to expect everything from one person? Isn’t it unrealistic to assume that one person can play so many roles in our lives?

Women, unlike men, require strong emotional bonds to feel satisfaction from life, and the best people to provide the same are not always our men but our other women pals! 

Girlfriends are perfect to share anything under the sun with. The right bunch of girlfriends can be a source of immense joy and satisfaction. They can fill the gaps in the fabric of our lives, and make it colourful. They will show us the mirror when we make a mistake, but won’t judge us for it. They share our similar experiences with a similar point of view as ours, and hence are much better listeners than our spouses. 

As religiously as we make time for our family and children, it is imperative for our mental health that we make time for ourselves and our girl pals. It helps with a healthier relationship with our husbands as we can spare them the girl talk and be more open about conversations that are of interest to both, rather than whining monologues.

Remember, men in general aren’t big sharers of their work and other issues, and they would greatly appreciate if the woman respected and replicated a similar attitude. However, women like to share everything, and the best way is time out with friends who are eager to listen and share too. Girlfriends can be the perfect soulmates to complement and complete us and add lighter moments to our lives. As they say, a time out with your girlfriends is all the therapy you need!