Jaggery Water - The Easiest Summer Drink

Jaggery water, or Gud Pani, is a blissful drink to beat the summer heat, keep you active and healthy and tastes great too! I have been drinking it throughout my childhood, and I make it for my children too! Below is the recipe and health benefits: Serves 4 glasses


  • Jaggery - 200gms (depends on your sweet tooth!)
  • Water - 4 glasses
  • Basil seeds - 5-10 gms
  • 2-3 lemons
  • Mint leaves (optional)


Soak Jaggery in drinking water for 2 hours till it melts completely. Simultaneously soak basil seeds in water for two hours separately. Strain the Jaggery water through a cloth (muslin preferable) 4-5 times to filter out impurities in the Jaggery. After that add lemon juice and basil seeds. Add mint leaves. Serve cool.

Health benefits

  • It is one if the richest sources of iron and minerals which are required for the red blood cells to remain healthy, therefore this drink can prevent anemia.  
  • Jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium, which help prevent free-radicals (responsible for early ageing). It helps boost resistance against infections, hence building stronger immunity.  
  • It prevents constipation by activating the digestive enzymes in our body, thus helps in proper digestion of food.   
  • ‌Lemon and Jaggery combination acts as a detox, as it helps cleanse the liver by flushing out nasty toxins from the body.   
  • ‌Combination of basil seeds and Jaggery has the ability to reduce body heat and maintain the optimum temperature levels of your body, thereby easing away conditions like fever, headache, inflammation, etc.   
  • ‌It regulates menstrual cycles and helps during PMS inflammation and cramps.  
  • ‌Jaggery water provides energy over an extended period of time preventing drain out in summers. Even factory-made honey has been deemed unhealthy because it gets ripped of its nutrients. That’s when jaggery steps in!

Enjoy your summers!