Edu Stories

The Boy Who Knew Too Much - Albert Einstein

Albert had had a miserable day at school. He could not answer in which year Napolean was defeated in the Waterloo battle by the Prussians, because he had forgotten. His history teacher Mr. Braun asked him if he ever studied, to which Albert replied that he didn’t see any point in learning dates and names. He told the class that it was more important to know reasons and ideas, than to learn facts and figures.

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Rags to Riches

A black American girl born in 1954, living with her maternal grandmother in an isolated farm in Kosciusko Mississippi, under extreme poverty, was born to a teenage single mother who migrated to north for work. She wore potato sacks for clothes and had no friends but farm animals. She would play with them, giving them dramatic parts and include them in games. There was something extraordinary about this girl. Her grandmother taught her to read and write before she was even three.

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The Indian Wiz Kid

It was April Fool’s day of 2004 and Sundar’s first job interview for Google. Google had just announced Gmail and it was invite-only event. He wasn’t sure if it was an April Fools' joke. Sundar gave three interviews, and he was asked what he thought of Gmail, but he couldn’t answer it very well. During his fourth interview, someone showed him Gmail and then he was able to tell them what he really thought about it.

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