Do We Need Technology in Our Education System

Shishir is an average student of class 9 th. Sitting in the physics lecture, he looks, befuddled, at the black board displaying a sketch of a magnetic field created by an electric current. The teacher is explaining the ‘right-hand rule’, and Shishir looks at his own right thumb, trying hard to understand where his compass needle will tilt, while his head slowly tilts lower to his right, and he almost dozes off.

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How to Select the Right Board for Your Child

Admission season is on, and all parents are trying to figure out what is the best option for their child. Being a teacher and an educator, I have come up with a board-wise list of pointers to keep in mind while deciding the right board for your child. SSC board: Secondary School Certificate is the local State board, which is a state level examination conducted after standard 10th. HSC is conducted after 12th, which is equivalent to high school, after which you can start college.

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