Whose Job Is It Anyway?

We were visiting a friend’s house once who happened to live in a rustic duplex house on the outskirts of the city, quite a few kilometres away from the local village. While the place was absolutely picturesque, I couldn’t help but wonder how they managed groceries, traveling to school and work, etc. staying so far away from the main city. On discussion over dinner I realized that they seemed to be quite comfortable and settled with the daily routine and the difficult traveling.

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Inspiring Women Around Me and What I Learned From Them

We always talk about great women personalities from all walks of life who inspire us in different ways to keep going on and add meaning to our lives and our goals. However, for me, the list of women who inspire me is fairly different. These women have been either a part of my regular life, or have been around me and taught me a thing or two about life by their own example.

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