Email by an HR Firm to an FMCG Company for Product Pitch

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

We are immensely pleased to connect with your organization. Our company______, is a group of start-up ventures focussed on creating ‘behaviour shaping’ products based on first generation technology. These products and services are primarily suited for educational and corporate institutions.

About us

Positive work behaviours are not a natural phenomenon. They must be reinforced to create a strong human resource united by common objectives. ________ is an organization that helps in transforming and facilitating work behaviours through its path-breaking line of solutions. Our next-generation products and services harness AI technology to build value-based, integrated and collaborative ecosystems. _______ is the brainchild of driven professionals from prestigious alma maters and organizations, with a cumulative experience of over 150 years along with a passion for improving organizational work cultures.

The need for Human Resource intervention in FMCG industry

Highly competitive industries like FMCG require a thriving workforce that is constantly motivated and driven towards the goals of the organization on a daily basis. Such industries require to maintain steady growth, while simultaneously innovate to provide consumers with new and improved products that can match their ever-increasing demand and the need for novelty. Three kinds of people are witnessed as an outcome of such an industry;

  • Employees who are listless, stressed due to underperformance and develop a lack of confidence,
  • Employees who are aggressively driven to outperform others and prioritize their individual goals above the company’s,
  • Employees who are positively motivated to perform well as well as help and inspire each other to come together as a team to further the company’s objectives.

Certainly, the third kind is the most desirable, and the least probable to occur naturally without any focussed intervention. ____ is our answer to this problem. It is a product of ideation and intensive deliberation of a passionate team with years of industry experience, and it is the only one of its kind.

How _____ can help your organization

The observable benefits to FMCG employees

After engaging with our programme, you would be observing marked differences in the organization’s work culture;

  • Employees would learn to appreciate and bond with each other in general.
  • Sales and marketing employees would be willing to help each other to increase sales by using each other’s ideas and strengths, rather than unhealthy, cut-throat competition.
  • Learning positive behaviours would become a fun process through gamification technology, rather than ‘just another presentation’.
  • Managers would learn to treat employees with respect and motivate them to perform better, rather than pressurize them, leading to poorer performance.
  • The organization would function as a support system to fully realize the potential of all their employees as a whole, and not as pitted against each other.

We are surely looking forward to meet you to discuss our engagement in detail. Do let us know when we can arrange for the same. Have a nice day!